Wednesday 26 May 2010

String reviewed by Computer Music magazine

Another positive review of String, this time courtesy of Computer Music magazine. When you're reading the review, which can be found online here, be sure to listen to the audio samples: they do a fantastic job showing how well Loomer String does classic Solina String Ensemble and Elka Rhapsody style sounds.
"Loomer Synth's sound quality is superb, with just the right balance of vintage tone and digital clarity. The sound could best be described as cinematic, albeit in a late-'70s sci-fi/horror fashion. String can easily stretch from Vangelis-like soundtrack to Prodigy-esque sound module strings."

Friday 14 May 2010

Manifold and Resound 1.4

We've recently released upgrades for a couple of the earlier product line, Manifold and Resound (download the updated versions here). As well as some fixes for compatibility with a few misbehaving hosts and general stability, (and, in the case of Resound, a much needed improvement to the feedback algorithm), the most interesting thing about these releases is that they mark our first foray into native 64-bit territory: both the Windows VST and Mac OS X Audio Unit versions now run as native 64-bit plugins.

64-bit native builds of the remaining product line will be available soon...

Wednesday 5 May 2010

Rekkerd reviews Sequent have posted a short review on our latest release, Sequent. Aside from the overwhelmingly positive text, it's also worth checking out for the short demonstration video. Thanks!