Sunday 28 October 2012

Sequent 1.3.2 Linux 32/64-bit beta: now with JACK Transport

To popular request, the roll-out of JACK Transport supporting Loomer plug-ins has begun. The initial release, a beta of Sequent, adds the following changes :

(improvement:Linux) When using the JACK audio system in standalone mode, the JACK Transport now syncs Sequent's tempo, start/stop status, and playhead location.

(improvement) Step response on the filter, distortion, pan, and delay module parameters has been significantly reduced to allow for tighter control of sequenced automation. It's a much requested change, but does have implications for backwards compatibility.

Older presets, those created with Sequent 1.3.1 and earlier, will always open with "1.3.1 Compatible Smoothing" enabled, so this change will be completely transparent to saved projects. New presets will always be created with this compatibility mode disabled. You can view, as well as change, the compatibility options under the "Options" menu.

The easiest way to hear this change is to sequence a simple filter pattern, crank the resonance up high to hear those 0df filters squeal, and a|b the sound with the old and new smoothing algorithms. 

With the old, you will heard a mild slew as the old filter's cutoff step response slowly charges between values. With the new, the step is instant, which allows for precise control of sequenced values on a step. 

(fix) The Master sequencer will now correctly follow a host's PPQ position, and restart in response to a host's transport restarting. 

(improvement) Factory presets now use a compressed pattern format, which are significantly smaller, and so improves preset loading and search times. 

Download the updates here for Linux 32-bit, or here for Linux 64-bit

Provided no nasty bugs manifest in these versions, I'll release corresponding Mac OS X and Windows betas next week, and a full official release sometime after. JACK Transport supporting versions of the other Loomer products will follow in due time. Enjoy!

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Manifold and Resound 1.6.3 for Windows released

Manifold and Resound 1.6.3 for Windows are now available.

These minor updates add the following fixes and improvements:

  • (fix) Fixed crash which could occur rarely (although repeatedly) on certain systems when starting up the 32-bit standalone application, or when particular hosts first scan the 32-bit VST plug-in.
  • (improvement) Removed C++ runtime libraries redistributable requirement for RTAS plug-ins. The installers also no longer install the C++ runtime library redistributable components when installing the RTAS plug-ins.
  • (improvement) Clearer font rendering on preset browser.
  • (fix) Various minor host compatibility tweaks.
Download the updates here. Note these issues did not affect the Linux or Mac OS X builds of these products: this update is for the Windows versions only.