Sunday 6 December 2009

New oscillators preview

A sneak preview of some new oscillators. These have several advantages over the current Aspect oscillators:
  • Reduced CPU usage: They use, on average, about 30% less CPU resources. When taking the rest of Aspect's synthesis path into account, this translates into approximately a 10% reduction in CPU resources for a patch.

  • Reduced memory usage: Overall memory usage for oscillators is reduced by an impressive 80%, although this doesn't have much of an impact to the user.

  • Reduced aliasing and foldover noise: Aliasing and foldover noise at the ultra high end of the frequency range is reduced to practically negligible amounts. Here are two examples. Note that these are unfiltered raw oscillator sweeps, so ensure that your volume is at an acceptable level.
    The first example is a sawtooth sweeping from the low to the high frequency range, and then back again:

    The second example is a pulse wave with a duty cycle of 50% sweeping as in the previous example:

  • Removed DC Offset: There is no DC offset when sweeping the pulse-width of the Pulse waveform.

  • Reduced Sync Folderover Noise: Aliasing that could occur during an oscillator sync is significantly reduced.

  • Awesome sound: We can't quantify this one, so let your ears be the judge. Here are two raw sawtooth oscillator, with no filtering, tuned octaves apart. The pitch of one oscillator is slowly detuned relative to the other to introduce beating:

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