Tuesday 27 July 2010

Aspect 1.6.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspect 1.6.1 for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. This release adds the following fixes and features:
  • Native 64-bit versions for Mac OS X Audio Unit, and Windows VST.
  • New built-in Preset Browser with support for xml, fxp, and fxb preset files.
  • Presets can now have meta-data, such as author name, notes, and tags. Use meta-data to search your preset library.
  • Hot-swap preset browsing: quickly step through and preview presets in context.
  • Various host compatibility fixes.
  • Audio-rate pitch modulation of Oscillator 1 from Oscillator 2 now works.
  • Sample & Hold module's latched value is now correctly reset when the the input source is removed.
  • Much faster GUI response.
  • Slight reduction in CPU usage on particularily complex presets.
  • Vastly reduced start-up time.
  • Clearer font rendering: a larger font is now used for menu items.
  • Additional and improved factory presets.
And here is the new Preset Browser (click for full-size):

Aspect 1.6.1 is available for immediate download from http://www.loomer.co.uk


  1. Hey, any chance of a 64-bit Linux VSTi?

  2. Absolutely - the next release of Aspect (1.7), should come with a 64-bit Linux VSTi version.

  3. Beautiful, thanks. I use Resound all over the place too, that would also be excellent to have 64-bit.