Wednesday 3 October 2012

Manifold and Resound 1.6.3 for Windows released

Manifold and Resound 1.6.3 for Windows are now available.

These minor updates add the following fixes and improvements:

  • (fix) Fixed crash which could occur rarely (although repeatedly) on certain systems when starting up the 32-bit standalone application, or when particular hosts first scan the 32-bit VST plug-in.
  • (improvement) Removed C++ runtime libraries redistributable requirement for RTAS plug-ins. The installers also no longer install the C++ runtime library redistributable components when installing the RTAS plug-ins.
  • (improvement) Clearer font rendering on preset browser.
  • (fix) Various minor host compatibility tweaks.
Download the updates here. Note these issues did not affect the Linux or Mac OS X builds of these products: this update is for the Windows versions only.

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