Thursday 28 May 2009

Aspect, Manifold, and Resound 1.3.2 released, now available in RTAS plugin format.

Aspect 1.3.2, Manifold 1.3.2, and Resound 1.3.2 have now been officially released. Download them in VST Plugin, Audio Unit, RTAS, or Standalone format for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

The main focus of these releases was the anticipated RTAS Plugin versions for users of Pro Tools LE, Pro Tools M-Powered, and Pro Tools|HD. Besides this, they also add new features and fixes, a few of which will be discussed in some detail below.

A|B comparison function
The A|B comparison function lets you quickly compare the sound of an edited program to the original settings. This is ideal for auditioning changes to a patch in order to decide if they improve the sound. Each press toggles the sound between the edited and original settings.

Reduced CPU usage
Aspect's Pulse waveform now uses about half the CPU resources when compared to the previous version. The panning algorithm - as used in both Aspect's Output section, and the Stereo Spread block of Manifold - also uses much less CPU. Another optimization reduces CPU time when the synthesis engine isn't using feedback (e.g., connecting Oscillator 1's output back into itself as a Pitch Modulation source.) Obviously, depending on the operating system, sound card and host buffer size your mileage may vary, but Aspect's Celestial String patch now uses about 30% less CPU compared to version 1.2. *

Minor glitch
When adding a plugin to a playing track in Garage Band (and likely some other hosts as well) a minor audio glitch could be heard. This has now been fixed, making the plugins ideal for those who like to add effects on the fly whilst playing live.

* Metric measured on an AMD 1.7Ghz Windows XP laptop, using Energy XT 1.4 as a VST host, and with the ASIO4ALL driver and the laptop's terrible built-in soundcard.

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