Saturday 16 May 2009

Loomer RTAS plugins for Pro Tools open beta

The RTAS versions of Aspect, Manifold, and Resound are now available as an open beta for anyone to try. The 1.3 beta versions contain RTAS format plugins for Mac OS X and Windows systems running Pro Tools 7 or above. The usual caveats of beta software apply: whilst we endeavor to release as stable a product as possible, beta software should not be considered for use in unrehearsed live work. Note that the beta can be downgraded to the last stable release by running a previous installer.

And 1.3 isn't just for Pro Tools users - they also offer improvements for users of the Standalone, Audio Unit, or VST plugin versions. These include reduced CPU usage, compatibility fixes for several host specific problems, and a new A/B comparison feature.

[EDIT: Beta links removed - the official 1.3.2 releases are now available here.]

Let us know if you find any problems with the beta, or have any suggestions for new features. Post a reply here, or on our official support forum, or contact us directly via the Loomer support page.

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